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Effective as of: January 21, 2016
Schedule of Fees
Membership Application Fee$20.00
Early Account Closing (within 90 days)$10
Open Checking Account - waived with direct dep or payroll ded.$20
Opening second account within one account type$20
Re-open Account (other than 01)$20
Early Christmas Account Withdrawal$10
New Debit Card -- waived with payroll deduction or dir dep$20
VISA Card Rush$30
VISA Credit Card Temporary Limit Increase Request20.00
Debit Card or Credit Card Replacement$20.00
PIN Replacement$20.00
Draft PrintingFee depends on style of draft ordered
Draft Photocopy Fee$5.00
Check Cashing - Waived if combined deposit bal more than $100$5.00
Temporary Check Printing (after 1st complimentary printing)$5.00 per sheet
Phone Transfer - waived when comb. act. balance > $2,500$5.00
Returned Item--Open Account$20
Returned Item -- Closed Account$40.00
Returned Item--Check drawn on own act. at other Fin. Inst.$40.00
Resubmit Deposit Item$10.00
Stop Payments (all items)$25.00
Corporate Check Stop Payment$15.00
Collection Item$30.00
Teller Check (if payee other than member)$2.00
Emergency Loan Application Fee$20.00
Mortgage Loan Application Fee$250.00
Loan Modification Fee$20.00
Lien Satisfied$20.00
Subordination Fee$50.00
Large Cash Order Fee 17cents per $100, above $2,000--
Verification of Deposit -- waived for Seniors$25.00
Account Activity Printout$5.00
Returned Mail$2.00
Account Research$20.00 per hour
Dormant Account Research$25.00
Statement Reprint$5.00
Duplicate Tax Form (1098, 1099)$5.00
Notary Services -- Non Member (per signature)$10.00
Wire Outgoing$35.00
ACH Origination (Electronic account transfer)$15.00
NSF fee checking account$25.00
Below Minimum Balance Fee-- Regular Share under $100$5.00
Lobby ATM$2.00
Incorrect Taxpayer ID$50.00
Excessive withdrawals from savings$3.00