We offer the following types of loans:

  • VISA Credit Card

  • Car Loan (New and Used)

  • Personal Loan

  • Share Secured Loan

  • Emergency Loan

The above applications are available on line to members previously enrolled in Virtual Branch (SunPac Online Member Service).

A personal loan is made without collateral. Sometimes called a signature or unsecured loan, get this loan to pay bills, credit card balances and surprise expenses.

A share secured loan is one where you pledge your credit union deposits to secure an equivalent loan amount.

Real Estate Loans

C U Homeland is our partner for mortgage loans. We can help you get started on your application. To learn more about home purchase financing or refinancing of an existing mortgage, click here.

With a closed-end Second Mortgage, we will advance one lump sum which is paid back in 15 years. The rate is fixed. For non-owner occupied property, the term is 12 years. California properties only.

A Home Equity Line of Credit is where we establish a limit up to which you can draw. The rate is variable. You can draw up to this limit for five years. On HELOC's, the property must be owner occupied. California properties only qualify.

To apply for a Second Mortgage or a Home Equity Line of Credit, please call or write the credit union.

There Are Three Ways To Apply For A Loan:

  • Call and ask that an application be mailed to you

  • Come to the credit union and ask for an application

  • Online (it's easy!)

    • Login to your online account

    • Select the Apply For A Loan link

    • After you submit the application, a credit union representative will contact you.

If you are not a member, please call or write the credit union for a membership application.